Mathematical Biology Tools using webMathematica

This resource page consists of links to pages that are utilized in a variety of undergraduate mathematical biology courses or those courses related to it. There is some bias towards Calculus for Biology and Medicine courses.  The pages are grouped by categories and a given page may be listed under several categories (perhaps indicating the potential breadth of its utility).  There are also links to parts of WolframAlpha, videos that are relevant, and some selected links.

tools developed for mathematical biology were most often collaboratively created (specific attributions are given on each particular page); however, a majority of the tools were developed with Mike Martin and either Tim Comar or Glenn Ledder.  Steve Wilson and Drew Cousino have played vital roles in the project, too. The development and dissemination of some of these tools is supported for Ledder and Martin by National Science Foundation grant #0535924.  In addition, NSF grant #0633232 supports Comar in some of his contributions to this page.

This page is maintained by Mike Martin
who works collaboratively to develop the tools found here,
making use of them in the courses he has taught
as a Math Professor at Johnson County
Community College.  Developed with support from
the National Science Foundation.

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Numbers & Data

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Discrete Dynamical Systems

Continuous Dynamical Systems

Differential Equations

Stochastic Processes

Linear Algebra

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Cell Biology

Chemistry, Biochemistry, & Biophysics

Biological Signals

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Mike Martin & Steve Wilson received the 2004 International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics Award for Excellence and Innovation with the Use of Technology in Collegiate Mathematics for their development of a subset of these tools.  The award was presented at the conference in New Orleans in October of 2004.

This page is maintained by Mike Martin.
Last updated: 15 November 2012